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13Years UNBEATEN Blue Marlin Catches 80% more Marlin for YOUR euro

After a r Dorado who yet again has come out TOP Boat and still outfishing the other charter boats for BLUE MARLIN by 80%. Their achievements have yet to be equalled.
40 Blue Marlin has not been achieved by any boat since the 1980s heydays although constantly chasing this target Dorado broke 40+ in 2008 & 2009

2008 Season Blue Marlin Catches:
1st Dorado - 41, 2nd Boat - 28, 3rd Boat - 26

2009 Season Blue Marlin Catches:
1st Dorado - 46, 2nd Boat - 30, 3rd White Marlin boat - 24
We have been requested not to name the 2nd boat (Why?)
Get More Marlin for your Money and fish with DORADO it makes sense!

2010 Season Blue Marlin Catches
1st Dorado - 19, 2nd Boat - 10, 3rd Boat - 9
Although the excessive amount of bait in the waters (squid) caused difficulties in hooking up with the Blue Marlin -Dorado proved that experienced crew can deal with what ever is thrown at them. Experience counts 80% more Blue Marlin for your Euro! All Well known Big Game fishing hot spots this Year have experienced the same difficulties.

2011 Season Blue Marlin.
Dorado again this year the Top Boat for Blue Marlin Catches caught off the waters of Gran Canaria.

2012 Although we missed 7 weeks of Big Game fishing this year due the boat being in dry dock for remedial works and our Atlantic waters producing Blue Marlin daily for the other boats Dorado with Patron/captain Roberto still came in the top 5 Game boats at the end of the season. Quite an achievement after having a 7 week delayed start to our fishing this shows the dedication and expertise of Roberto.

In their quest for the catch of their dreams we give our clients a choice of 50lb, 80lb or 130lb tackle.

Image of Our Angler of the Year 2009, 13 year old Emilia from Sweden / Nathan Kimsey, 16 years old Our Angler of the Year 2009, 13 year old Emilia from Sweden

We don't discriminate between male and female anglers or between young or old. How many charter boats do you know of that give women and junior anglers the chance to catch a blue marlin? Well we do. Not many juniors or women hit the headlines with a blue marlin, but three of our tournament wins/achievements were by female anglers. Our rod distribution includes male, female and juniors.

Read more below about the boat and crew and then take a look at their achievements on the tournaments page.

Image of Releasing a marlin / Janna Newham from the  Isle of Wight Releasing a marlin

As a member of The Billfish Foundation the boat prefers to tag & release billfish and has a catch and release policy for rays and most species of shark.

During the big game season we have video cameras on board to record your exploits with that dream fish. Take a look at our fishing videos

DOur big game record is outstanding and during the last decade no other boat has matched our billfish or tuna catches. Our records speak for themselves.

Image of Fishing during a glorious sunset / The crew Fishing during a glorious sunset

No boat can guarantee that you catch that big blue marlin in the big game season but our crew are dedicated to giving you a 100% commitment to catch that dream fish. Whether you are an experienced angler or an amateur, male or female, young or old, we welcome you on board to experience the thrills and spills and to help make your big game sport fishing aspirations come true.

Quality counts, so fish with the winners. Check out our info and prices for the website special rates.


Image of A Cape Fear rod and Accurate reel in action / Cape Fear rod with an Accurate reel A Cape Fear rod and Accurate reel in action

We have a full range of Shimano tackle including 30, 50, 80 & 130lb reels which we use in conjunction with wind-on leaders enabling the angler to bring the fish alongside with the minimum effort. We have 50 and 80lb stand up rods made by Cape Fear (a $1000 each) in conjunction with Accurate reels (a snip at $1300 each!), so you can see we do not skimp on quality.

We change our line every two blue marlin for stretch factor consistency and provide both stand up harness and chair kidney harness.

We also have Stella and Daiwa Saltist reels, both being 6.1:1 retrieve - you can't much faster than that!


The lures we use include the latest Hawaiian models from Eric Rusnak: in 2008 60% of our fish were taken with his Aloha lures. Our favourite of these has to be the 16" Beauty in green and yellow.

Black Bart lures are a legend in big game fishing and range from 8 to 22 inches, our favourite being the 16" Angle in green and yellow.

Our all-time favourite lures are the Rok-Max range of pushers, which have never let us down. They run well in any position and come in 3 sizes, 9", 12" & 14" and in green and yellow or pink and blue.

This is just a brief overview of our tackle and lures. If you are interested in big game fishing with us we will gladly provide any more information you require.

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